I filmed my first wedding

Well hello everyone!

Me and one of my best friends Danka filmed a wedding on Saturday. It was my first wedding and so I was a bit nervous at first. My mind was overthinking like crazy, I thought I’ll miss something important or my camera will die or I’ll trip and fall when I’ll go down the aisle haha. But once I started recording suddenly it all went away. I only focused on the camera and how to get the right angle and I loved it!

We got lucky to have such an amazing couple for the first time working together. They were so beautiful together and very natural, it was a pleasure to film them. I tried to play with the angles and focus because I wanted the viewers to feel like they were there when the bride was getting ready and then when the couple was posing for the photographer I wanted it to feel like it’s just them and the rest of the world is quiet. And I think I kind of achieved this goal of mine thanks to my 50mm lens and the details.

This is the trailer. The longer wedding clip is now in process and hopefully will be done by the end of this week. Enjoy and congratulations to the lovely couple!

(To view the video, click on the picture below.)

wedding preview_02


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