I’m moving to the UK

Well hello my beautiful friends,

A lot of things are happening in my life right now and all of a sudden I feel so alive! I feel passionate, I feel reborn, I feel happy and I am so excited! Today I want to share with you my kind of a life dream story.

If you would ask any of my friends what my ultimate life goal is they would all give you the same answer. Living abroad. And most of them would probably say moving to the UK. And they are absolutely right. I’ve been dreaming about this since I started learning english in elementary school. I fell in love with the language and so it was only a logical that I would love to at least visit the UK or any other english speaking country. Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance yet.

I got to a point in my life where I knew for sure that I will move abroad someday. I think the main reason behind this was to explore the world, get to know the culture of other countries and my passion for languages. Living in Florence for a month only strenghten my initial decision. I remember my time in Florence as one of the best months in my life yet (I can forget the fact that they don’t use their heating as much as we do in the winter so I was freezing to death even under 4 blankets haha). But seriously, living without parents in a foreign country was amazing. I felt free as a bird, I felt independent and strong, I felt like a woman who can take care of herself you know? Imagine it. You have to communicate with people who don’t even speak english but you have to figure out how to do it because you have to eat or you want to buy something so you might involve your hands, your legs everything just to understand each other. And everytime I succeeded I was so proud on myself.

Now by saying that I felt good without my parents being around I am not saying I didn’t miss my family. In fact I was feeling so homesick I was crying in the shower the first night in Florence. It’s not about not wanting to live with or nearby my family because we don’t have a good relationship, we have an amazing relationship. I feel like the older I get the more my relationship with my family strenghtens. So it’s about my family forcing their opinions on me. I’ve never really realized this but looking back I can see how this affected me as a person. I think everyone knows it, parents want the best for us and they often think what’s best for them is aslo best for their child. So they keep telling us what is right and what is wrong and if we disagree or oppose we’ll be punished or the worst scenario in MY head they will make you feel like you’ve let them down. And this is something my mom does all the time. And before realizing that this is her problem not mine I would get really anxious and stressed about the whole thing. Like for me knowing that I’ve let my mom or my dad down is still the worst feeling. So now imagine telling them that your life dream is something they don’t approve. Pretty shitty right? But I would love to make a seperate post on this topic so let’s move on.

You can say by the title that I finally got a chance to move to the UK. It came out from nowhere and it was so quick I couldn’t even believe it. But the offer was so good, so advantageous and so fitting to my personality that I just jumped after it. You might want to know what I’ll be doing there so I’ll cover this real quick. I’m gonna be working as an au pair for a beautiful family with a lovely house and two dogs. I think this is the easiest way how to move abroad, make new contacts and find a normal job in foreign country so I am blessed that I got this oppoturnity. The family is so lovely and kind, same with the kids so I think it’s gonna be fun. I’m leaving the Czech Republic on June 2nd so I’m slowly packing my stuff and preparing everything. My family situation is…I don’t know. I feel like my mom is at least talking with me now instead of being pissed everytime I mention something regarding the UK so I think she’s trying to sort it out in her head a bit and I need to give her a time for that. So yeah, yo big girl is going to da world haha!

I’m really excited about this. I think this is a great oppoturnity to prepare myself for living on my own, gain new experiences and finally live my life according my values. Making my own decisions, my own opinions and living the life by my rules. Starting with a clean table.

Thinking about starting fresh inspired me to do my research on so many things and I found tons of information on topics I am really passionate about so there will be many updates here on my blog. I can’t wait to share my point of view on the world with all of you lovely people!

Until then have a lovely rest of the day/night and I’ll talk to you soon.

Misa xx.


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