My first roll of film

Shooting film was something I’ve always admired and wanted to try. I started with a polaroids and I fell in love with them. I bought my Instax Mini 8 and started snapping. It’s a fun way of keeping memories, it looks cool and it’s really easy to use it.

A few months later I found an old camera at a thrift shop. I bought it for a very cheap prize and took it home. I had absolutely no knowledge about film cameras at all. So when I brought it home and did a bit research I found out that this Praktica MTL5 b is a fully manual camera. I knew some basic stuff from shooting my DSLR but that was it. So I looked up some tutorials on the Internet, read some information and learnt how to load a film into my new friend. Then I just went out and took some pictures.

I did a lot of mistakes first time trying it out. For example I loaded a 100 ISO film (lomography color) into the camera when it was snowing and there was no chance of sun coming out. But that’s okay. I did a mistake but I learnt from it. That’s good. So after finishing the roll I took it to the lab and got it developed. I was almost 90% sure that half of the film will be ruined, so I only took the negatives home so I can scan them and see. Oh how wrong I was haha. The whole roll actually developed really well and I was very happy about it!

I ”scanned” the negatives using my DSLR which is a very amateur way to do it, but I mean come on. I don’t have a professional scanner at home and I don’t want to spend money for scanning it in a lab when I’m still learning how to do this properly. In a time as I’ll get better at it I will definitely purchase a good scanner so the images look nice. But for now it’s alright.

I want to share some of my favourite images with you. So here we go.



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