Nature is the best doctor


Nature is the best doctor.

This is a saying that runs through my family. I’ve never really thought about it before until now. The last couple of weeks I’ve been feeling really down. Mentally. I didn’t wanted to leave my room, nothing could make me happy, I felt more anxious than ever before and things I used to love were somehow inessential for me. I was in this state of mind where my thoughts were fighting me and I couldn’t silence them. I tried to keep my mind busy, I started learning how to play the gutiar, I started learning Norwegian but that wasn’t enough. So I thought maybe a walk could help. And it did. Just a tiny bit but it did help.

The wind slapped my cheeks few times and the cold pierced my whole body right into the bones. And just the feeling of the cold sending shivers down my spine felt good. Because at least I felt something. It was a tiny reminder to myself that I am capable of feelings and maybe this is the way how to heal my soul.


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