Photoshoot props: Dress haul

I don’t have a lot clothes shops near my area so if I need to buy some clothes I have to get in my car and drive to the city to get something. I love thrift shopping, because you can find some beautiful vintage pieces there and they’re very cheap. The thing is if you want to find something nice and cheap you have to go to even bigger cities and that’s quite a long way.

I needed a few dress for my photoshoots, because as you may noticed I’ve been using the same dress over and over and it’s beige so I can’t change the colour of it. I mean…I can but it doesn’t look nice haha. I needed to find something beautiful vintage looking and cheap so if it gets dirty or ripped somewhere it’s not a big deal. Thrift shops are best for this. But I haven’t planned this and I needed the dress asap. So once again I visited my good friend eBay! Perfect! Found exactly what I was looking for, from China which means no shipping price for me (in most chases) and in my size! I’ve ordered four of them, it cost me a few bucks and in two weeks they were here!


This pice is probably my favourite one. Dark blue maxi dress. It looks amazing, the colour can be easily changed in Photoshop, it looks vintage and I am in love with it!


This dark green dress is knitted, the lenght is right above my knees and it has those cute little wooden knobs. I can imagine wearing this with a black leggins or nylons as an everyday outfit. I like it.


Oh boy…let’s talk these! Gorgeous white maxi dress. Very feathery, vintage looking dress, perfect for creating tender and soft mood but they can be used with a dark character too. I haven’t used it in a photoshoot yet but I am so excited! Absolutely gorgeous, am I right?


And the last one. I’ve been inspired a lot by Alice in Wonderland lately and this mini dress are perfect for that theme I think. Ehm, I must say that this wasn’t available in my size so I bought the smaller one so there is a little problem when I put them on it looks like I’m wearing a longer shirt haha. But that’s okay…I can take pictures of the lower part alone and compose the dress in Photoshop later. It’ll be a bit tricky to take pictures in this dress from behing because I can’t zip it in the back either so…that’l be funny haha. But I’ll figure something out. It was only a few bucks so no big spending.

Have a lovely rest of the day, I’m going to watch a few episodes of Doctor Who while I’ll be eating my lunch. It’s rainning here (I’m happy about that haha) so I’m staying in. Which one of the dress do you like the most? And what are you doing when it’s rainning? Let me know.

Speak to you soon,

Michaela xx.


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