October Goals

1. Earn Money

Since I decided not to go to college and want to start my photography business I need to make some money. Just a little aside. So the goal for October is really work hard so I can invest those money into my business rather than spending it on some needless stuff.

2. Read More

I’ve always love to read. Since I was a kid. I remember hiding under the bedsheet with a book and a flashlight so I could finish the story although my mom told me to go to sleep already. I used to read a lot. And I see that I haven’t been reading that much those past few months. So I want this to change and read more books.

3. Schedule an Exhibitions

I would love to made my first exhibiton. I’ve already talked to a friend who arranges exhibitions and knows some beautiful spaces that are availaible for these occasions. He really likes my work and he is planning the whole thing so fingers crossed!

4. Be Grateful for the Little Things

I take notice of little things quite often but I’m not really greatful for them. And I want to change this. I like when I go down the street and some stranger smiles at me or say a little hello. I like to do these too. It just brightens up your day and makes you feel better. And these tiny moments are the best in my opinion. A smile, holding the door, a hug, wishing someone to have a great day, having coffee with your friend, telling funny stories from work to your family members and then laughing together on them…These moments are just incredible. And I want to focus on them this month.


I’ve got more things in my BuJo but these four are the top topics I want to focus on in October. What are your goals my friends? Let me know in the comments what your goals are or what little moments are the best in your opinion. Have an amazing rest of the day, I’ll speak to you soon.

Bye xx


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