Who inspires me?

4. Alex Stoddard

Alex is the one who inspired me to start my 365 project. When I first saw his work I was amazed. I’ve never seen anything like that before. He kind of introduced me to conceptual photography.

3. Rosie Hardy

I’ve never heard about Rosie until Alex mentioned her in one of his images. And I still don’t know why I haven’t seen her work before. She did an album cover for Maroon 5 (Hands All Over). And she photographed a few people from X Factor I believe. Rosie also did the 365 project and now she’s doing another one and I am stunned everytime she uploads new image on Flickr.

2. Brooke Shaden

Oh Brook…we are all grateful for her. Such an inspirational, creative and beautiful human being! It’s not her style I’m inspired by but her ideas. She has such an amazing ideas. I love how she uses symbolism in her work and I love how she’s spreading the passion for photography everywhere. If you don’t know Brooke, you definitely need to check her out guys!

1. Gary Vaynerchuk

This guy…oh boy. Gary is not a photographer, he’s a enterpreneur. And those three people I mentioned above inspire me in the creative way but Gary here is inspiring me to work harder. Thanks to his videos, quotes, books, vlogs…it just keeps me going. I learned a lot about social media from him, I learned a lot about my passion, I learned a lot about myself and I am still learning. You guys..this guy is a legend and you need to watch his videos. He has an amazing personality and I have his yelling voice set as my alarm in the morning to get me out of the bed haha.


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