5 tips for finding an inspiration

1. Lyrics

I’ve heard a lot of photographers saying that they’re gaining inspiration from instrumental music. But for me works the exact opposite. I love listen to interesting lyrics. And now I don’t mean Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda or Fergie’s M!LF. I’m talking about artist like Rhodes, Bring Me The Horizon, Hozier, Birdy, Melanie Martinez, Charlie Puth (I’m obssesed with his collaboration with Selena Gomez!). These are just a few of my favourites but the song has to have a meaning,song where I can hear emotions or something that catches my ear. And the music in the background is helping me to create the mood for the image.

,,Who will fix me now?
Dive in when I’m down?
Save me from myself
Don’t let me drown
Who will make me fight?
Drag me out alive?
Save me from myself
Don’t let me drown”

– Bring Me The Horizon

Don’t Let Me Drown


It’s the same with lyrics, but here you don’t have the background music.

,,No matter what life throws at you – what you make out of it is up to you.” – Sadhguru


3. Illustrations

With so many talented illustrators it is impossible to not get inspired by some of their pictures. I know that I gain the inspiration from a fantasy characters I see on the picture or even a pose of the character can inspire me.


4. Bedtime stories

Oh my God. You can probably tell that this theme inspires me a lot. Most of my images are very dreamy and sometimes naive just like the bedtime stories. And I love it. I think Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan are like my most used themes.

bedtime stories pt.1
Bedtime Stories pt.1
Secret tea party version 2
Secret Tea Party

5. People

Sometimes I just see a person and I’m like: Wow, that girl/guy would be perfect for a Peter Pan photoshoot (for example). Or that person looks very futuristic and I would love to take pictures of him/her. These people are my friends most of the time so I don’t have to stress myself with talking to a stranger haha (social anxiety is pain in the ass my friends).

Who Owns the Key to My Heart?

Thank you so much for reading this I hope you gained some inspiration just from reading this haha. I will talk to you soon my friends. Take care.

Misha xx


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