10 reasons why i love autumn

1. Colours

I love warm colours. I love when the grass is yellow and the tree leaves look like they were painted by every colour in the painter’s palette. It is so beautiful to see all those yellows, oranges, reds and browns everywhere. And also, brown is one of my favourite colours.

2. The weather

This might seem a bit weird, but I just love what others call ,,bad weather”. I love rain, storm, wind and coldness. When I go shooting I’m looking for the moment when the sun just went down but there is still enough light to shoot. Usually I don’t want any beams of sun in my photos, but since I’m working on my 365 project and sometimes don’t have time to go shooting in the evening I need to work with whatis available. But in this season almost everyday looks perfect for shooting to me, because it’s cloudy.

There is something very exciting about storms, rain, dark clouds and wind. I think that I love the coldness, because it gives me the feeling that I’m alive. Feeling the coldness touching my body and the wind whipping my cheeks and making them red…in that moment I feel the most alive then ever.

3. Jumpers

Jumpers, cardigans, sweaters, coats. These are my favourite things to wear. I have so many jumpers that I can’t even fit them into my wardrobe! They’re just so comfy and warm. You don’t have to think about what to wear for so long. Just jump into black skinny jeans, put on some nice jumper with matching shoes and you’re good to go.

4. Hot tea

Sitting in the window, watching the rain while sipping a hot tea is another of my favourite things to do. I like hot drinks in general. I love the feeling when the warm drink is running down my throat and then warming up the whole body.

5. Wearing socks to bed

Putting on the most fluffy socks you own right before you go to bed? PERFECT!

6. Candles

When is the right time to light up a candle? Of course in the autumn! Light up a few candles and you have a perfect mood and a great smelling home.

7. Lighting up the fireplace

Sitting in front of a fireplace, getting your back warm while having a sleepy puppy in your lap is the most cozy thing I can think about right now. So go go! Get your puppy curled up into your lap, light up the fire and enjoy the moment!

8. Movie marathons

If you combine numbers 4 and 5 and you’ll add a good movie to that you have ensured a perfect night!

9. Regeneration

Knowing that the whole Mother Earth is regenerating through autumn and winter is something incredible. Every plant that was dead will be born again, flowers will bloom, baby animals will run round and the whole Earth is getting ready for Spring arrival. Everything is going to sleep, to dream about what will come.

10. Looking forward to Christmas

Of course that the best time of the year is Christmas. So counting down the days until starting decorating for Christmas is also what the autumn is about. But I can say that Autumn is my favourite season for sure. I get tired of the sun in the summer and of the coldness in the winter. So there is a little fight between these two. The autumn always wins. I think it’s mainly because of its colours. I also feel very inspired in this time of the year and so it’s natural to feel a special connection to it. And that’s the biggest reason why I love the Autumn.


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