BTS: Don’t Let Me Drown

Yesterday I was shooting with my friend David. Everything was planned, weather was perfect and we were very excited. We got to the location, got ready and that’s where the fun has begun. We didn’t expect the water to be so muddy and shallow. David couldn’t even fit in there haha! We need to change it a bit. Thank God we’ve got tons of streams here. We went to look for a new location. But as we were trying to shoot at the first place we picked, I borrowed David my shoes so he could go to the water in them. The other location we wanted to try was a few meters against the stream and I had no shoes! I remember when I was playing in this particular stream when I was little my grandma was always telling me not to walk barefoot there. Well there was I, standing in the water barefoot, walking there through the slippery rocks like nothing was happening.


While I was getting the right angle, suddenly I heard David saying ,,I’m bleeding.” I was like what? ,,No seriously, I’m bleeding. I must have cut myself on the rock.” Fortunately, it wasn’t as bad as it seemed so we continued.


He was really into the posing haha! I felt like we were shooting an ad for Hugo Boss haha!


Once we were done, we left our stuff in my house and went exploring new locations. We found some gorgeous places and had a lot of fun!


Before and after shot

Click here for a better quality picture!


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