My current skincare routine


Face Toner

In the morning I’m using face toner all over my face. This one is Love Nature face toner for combination skin with Aloe Vera by Oriflame. I love this stuff. It hydrates the dry places and takes the grease away from my skin.

Gel Cream

Then I give my face a big hug with this gel cream. Same collection by Oriflame. I need to say that I tried a lot moisturising face creams but this one is winning! It does the exact job as the face toner and it also makes my face so soft and matte finish. I am in love.

Eye Gel

And of course my eye gel. Same collection. Same brand.





When I remove my makeup I clean my face with Avon’s Clearskin daily cleanser. It focuses on removing the blackheads. I use it for a few days now and so far so good. The only problem I have with this cleanser is that it’s maybe too harsh to my skin. It tends to leave very dry spots around my nose and chin.

Gel Cream and Eye Gel

The same one I use in the morning.


I am very satisfied with these products and I can say that these might be my favourites so far.


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