365: Days 40-46

It’s Sunday and that means I am a little bit further in my 365 project.  I remember that I wrote there will be a few conceptual selfportraits but…The minute I started to think about concepts for my new photos I just got so excited that I wanted to do it again! There’s just something about the conceptual photography. I love it. I can feel that this is my voice. This is the way I can share my thoughts visually. I love working on the photos especially the postproduction. So today I want to share them with you.

You can also support me on Flickr and see the photos right away instead of waiting for the next Sunday!

Day 40
Sunbeams gently dancing on my skin (day 41)
tv addict
TV Addict (day 42)
I wanna disappear
I Wanna Disappear (day 43)
dragon cup
Morning Adventure (day 44)
counting the sheep
Counting the Sheep (day 45)
To Wander (online version)
To Wander (day 46)

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