I am a tv show addict

There is no secret that I am a TV show addict. I really am. I mean I love reading books but I like to educate myself through the books. So when I need to satisfy my inner freak who loves visual stories I turn up to series. I am for all genres so I watch a bit of a sitcoms a bit of horror stories a little bit of sci-fi and dramas. Today I want to share some of my favourites with you. This article might contain spoilers so be aware of that!

Modern Family

When it comes to sitcoms I love to have a good laugh. This show hase become my favourite sitcom of all time. There are characters you fall in love with, you live their lives together with them, you see them growing up. You’ll find your favourite character but still love the other ones. And also I can watch the episodes over and over and never really get tired of it.

Current watching status: Waiting for season 8

The Middle

Since I’m waiting for the new season of Modern Family I started watching The Middle. I always have so much fun watching this! I like this show because it is funny in the real way if you know what I mean. The Hecks are exactly the opposite of the perfect family but somehow they have their own magic you know. And I absolutely love that! And I can definitely see my family in some situations haha.

Current watching status: Halfway through the season 4

Bates Motel

Alright, this is when things start to get a bit crazy. I started to watch Bates Motel because I liked the trailer and because I wanted to see Freddie Highmore as a Norman Bates. I was a bit scared that I won’t be able to watch it because I hate blood and very violent scenes (yeah I do, I’m fainting at the sight of blood. That’s why I never get throug season 2 of American Horror Story.) but! It turned out pretty good! I really like this show. I finished the season 4 yesterday and let me tell you the last couple of episodes were insane! Honestly I didn’t see that coming!!! I wasn’t ready for Norma to die! And Dylan and Emma! God I am so happy for them they are perfect together! I am really looking forward to see what happens to Norman the next season.

Current watching status: Waiting for season 5

Stranger Things

Alright guys. I am not a big fan of sci-fi but this show really got me. I fell in love with the 80’s atmosphere, the soundtrack, the people. I felt very nostalgic while watching this. I loved it! I watched the whole season in one day!! I am very curious what will happen in the next season and I can’t wait for it! Highly recommend!

Current watching status: Waiting for season 2



I watched this show before but never watched all episodes. So I started from the beggining and watched all episodes in one week I believe. I never thought that I will be so into it! Especially the last season was very intense and I need to say I really like Nick and Adalind together. And when Juliet become a Hexenbiest, died and then came back to life. Maaan too many plot twists!

Current watching status: Again…waiting for season 6

Orange is the new black

Holy polar bear! This series is my number one right now! I’m obssesed! I started watching it because everybody was talking about it and I was like meeh, let’s try it and see what everybody is talking about. The first two seasons were alright. I mean the first season was kinda all about Piper and I was a bit bored but when I started to get to know the other characters and their stories I was hooked!

Season four was lit! Seriously. Hands down because I was watching it with my mouth open, desperetely waiting what will happen next. The last two episodes were like a big knife into my heart. When Poussey died I cried my eyes out! And then the final scene where Daya is so freaking badass with that gun and I want her to shoot that motherfucker but also don’t want her to bear the consequences. Maan that was amazing. And then…I found that the next season will be in a year? ONE WHOLE YEAR?! I don’t think I can make it.



Other favourites I am waiting for:

Teen Wolf, Sense8, Sherlock BBC

So all I can do is wait. Great! If you guys have any good recommendations similiar to these above, let me know in the comments because I need something to watch before I go to bed.

Love, Michaela xx.



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