My 365 project: introduction

On September 13, 2015 I started a photographic project called 365 project. The goal of this is to take picture everyday for a one year. I was very excited about it and I worked really hard on this project. But then my graduation stepped in and I needed to focus on school so I gave myself a break. Today I’m getting back on track because I really want to complete this project and practice my photography skills.


When I first started I was interested into conceptual photography. My biggest inspiration was Alex Stoddard! I was head over heels everytime I saw his photos. That was the way my photos were going. Conceptual selfportraits. It was a very hard work. Thinking about the concept, capturing the mood and then the postproduction. It took a lot of time to create one photo that I love. But it was fun and I was doing it because I loved it.

take me with youIMG_2689_copyi woke up in the middle of the dream

As the time went I started to build my own style I believe. In the first photos you can see that I was using textures layred over the photos because I was also inspired by Brooke Shaden and I liked the way it looked. Gradually I stopped using textures and started experimenting with something else. I created my first series called Bedtime Stories and I had one of my photos on the explore page on Flickr. I remember I was so happy when I found out!

IMG_2719_copydreaming of a white christmas

Right now I see that my style has changed a lot. I still love conceptual photography andย I’m willing to create more of them but the last couple of months I was taking pictures of my everyday life. And what I love about these is the simplicity. You don’t have to think about the concept for hours and then spend another hours editing it. Just catching the right moment, the righ mood and you get a beautiful image. It doesn’t have to be perfect. As long as it tells a story I love it.

bedtime stories pt3bedtime stories pt.1IMG_4847_copyIMG_4937_copy

I completed 39 days so far. Today I started with the number 40 and I am so excited to continue in this project. This will become a weekly feature on this blog as I want to share my moments with you. Every Sunday you can expect a post which will consist of 7 photos I took that week. I hope you will enjoy to watch my way through this project and maybe get envolved too!

You can find all my photographs on my Flickr right here!

Have a lovely rest of the day I will see you tomorrow.

Love, Michaela xx.


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