My new favourite red lipstick

If I had to choose one thing I love the most from all the makeup products it would be lipstick. I can say I am a lipstick addict. I have too many of them.

Last couple of months I caught myself wearing only nude colours. Which is strange because I love to wear reds and dark shades on my lips. Because those kind of colours suit me. That’s also why I love Autumn. It is that time of the year when I wear those colours the most.

For a long time my favourite red shade was the Rimmel London’s Last Finish by Kate lipstick in a shade 107. I mean…common. Dark red with a pink undertone, longlasting and matte. WIN WIN WIN! And then when my new Oriflame magazine came out I saw a red shade that caught my eye.


It is from the Giordani Gold collection. I already own three lipsticks from this collection and I was pretty satisfied. So I thought I’ll give this beauty a try. These lipsticks are pretty affordable and I haven’t tried the mattes yet. So I picked up shade Dark Burgundy.

When I was first putting on I was a bit sceptical because other Oriflame’s lipsticks were very creamy. I mean if I picked up a nude shade it was okay but it didn’t work with the bold ones. So I have this one lipstick in a gorgeous true red in my collection but ended up not using because I couldn’t stand the creamy texture.

So I put this new beauty on and went on my cousin’s birthday party. There were drinks, food and kisses on the cheeks and I was really affraid that my lipstick is coming off. After three hours I came back home to see that my lipstick is still in place and doesn’t want to come off. I need to wipe it off with the use of oil based cleanser because my regular one didn’t know what to do with it.

After this experience this new baby officialy became my new favourite red. I still love the Kate’s one though.


What are your favourite reds my beautiful friends? I want to know!

Love, Michaela xx.


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