My Bullet Journal: First month in


I’ve always been journaling. I have so many journals in my room I stopped counting them. But every one of them is unfinished. All of the time I was writting journals I felt like I need to have one diary for quotes, one for my plans, other for pictures and doodles. But I’ve never finished them. And then I found the magic of bullet journaling.

So what is the bullet journal? Bullet journal is a customizable organization system. It can be your notebook, to-do list, sketchbook or diary, but most likely, it will be all of the above. You can put trackers in it – for example if you’re a TV junkie like me, you can put TV-Shows tracker, just to know which episodes you have watched. You can doodle in there or make lists of books you want to read, films you want to watch etc.

So I grabbed a notebook, pen and started my first month. It was something new and very exciting to me. Once I started I couldn’t stop. I did the whole July spread, I added trackers, lists, doodles. I went crazy with it. And I love it!

I am now one month in and I have to say so far so good. I found out that everytime I feel stressed or anxious I grab the pen and doodle into my journal. It makes me feel calm. That’s why I decided to take part in the #ZenArtChallenge this month which is hosted by Heather Buchman (Instagram @mindfulcreativity).

The best thing about bullet journaling is the community. There are so many people who are bullet journaling too. They share photos on Instagram, Pinterest and there are groups on Facebook you can join. And thanks to this sharing you can just easily borrow layout ideas from other people. That’s what makes this community of BuJo junkies so awesome!

You can find more information here


Have a beautiful day my friends.

Michaela xxx


2 thoughts on “My Bullet Journal: First month in

  1. You bullet journal looks so pretty! I love your ‘movies to watch’ spread. Mind if I borrow that idea from you? haha


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